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A long-term content strategy is key for attracting and nurturing new business. Our content partnerships ensure your reach is even greater with presence across our sites, detailed performance reporting, and monthly content promotion.
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Case Study

Generali UK Employee Benefits

About Generali

Generali UK provides Group Life Assurance, Group Income Protection - plus added-value wellbeing services - to the UK employees of multinational clients. Generali UK is also pioneering Wellbeing Investment Matching, helping clients fund discrete, tailored wellbeing initiatives where a need has been identified.

What Generali Needed

The team at Generali wanted to position themselves as a thought leader, shaping the conversation to discuss important subjects in the employee benefit and wellbeing arena. They were looking for a platform to deliver ongoing exposure across a broad audience to generate better HR awareness of the brand - and its wellbeing partners - in the UK from their content programme. They also wanted to understand more about the audience their content was currently attracting to inform new content strategies for the future.

How we Created Success

We created a fully branded content hub for Generali, pulling together all of their articles and features. Our expert content delivery team provided feedback on each new piece of content, helping to optimise the reader experience. We created bespoke visitor tracking for all of Generali's articles and used this to harvest demographic data and create an audience profile of each article, providing regular reporting on article performance.

Generali has published six articles in 2020 and have generated a total of 6,553 page views  to date, with an average 1,092 page views per article. Readers have consumed over 450 hours of Generali’s content. They are also enjoying better visibility than ever before on audience metrics including:

  • total employee reach their readers possess (39% of readers are from organisations with over 1,000 employees)

  • the seniority of their readers (69% in senior positions)

  • the organisations that engage with their content regularly (a balanced mix of industry sectors)

Tracey Ward, Head of Business Development & Marketing at Generali Employee Benefits UK, commented:

“We’re very happy with the service we have received from HR Grapevine. They clearly have an engaged readership and promote our content well, as opposed to leaving it to languish in a hidden provider area! This is evidenced in the metrics and that’s why we have repeatedly renewed our annual partner license contract with HR Grapevine. They were also open this year to producing monthly reports. These are clear, concise and useful.

“Once published in HR Grapevine, we also make full use of the material, sharing links to it with our broker partners and clients. We also engage our wellbeing providers in the content we produce, providing them with a thought leadership platform and ensuring readers see partnership working in action. All in all, a win win.”

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