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Lead conversations and be an integral part of a day full of inspiring insight with senior HR leaders keen to come together and shape the future of the people function.
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HR Grapevine Meet Up
Talent Acquisition 2022 - 22nd September 2022

This ongoing series of intimate in-person events is designed to help leaders in the people function to reconnect as they explore important topics. The event features panel debates that provide deep insight for a variety of practical and strategic challenges, based on questions posed by the audience. Partnering with us, for one or multiple events, gives you unique access to forward-thinking HR leaders and positions your brand as a leading solutions provider.

Upcoming Live Events

HR Grapevine Meet Up
Employee Experience 2023 - 23rd February 2023

HR Grapevine Meet Up
Wellbeing 2023 - 11th May 2023

HR Grapevine Meet Up
Talent Acquisition 2023 - 21st September 2023

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