We can help you create personal connections and engage in meaningful discussion with key business decision makers. Our team will assist in creating and promoting a bespoke event, where conversations highlight your expertise and nurture high-value relationships.

Upcoming HR Grapevine Roundtables

Attraction & Engagement 25th January 2023 (SOLD OUT)
Diversity & Inclusion 21st June 2023 (SOLD OUT)
Leadership 14th September 2023
Future of Work & 2024 Predictions 22nd November 2023 (SOLD OUT)
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Case Study

Case Study - Corndel

Corndel exists to provide brilliant, people-based training. This disruptive focus on training brilliance, with one-to-one coaching from commercial experts at its heart, has made Corndel the UK’s largest provider of data analytics and management apprenticeship programmes.

What Corndel Needed

Corndel wanted to continue to foster personal relationships with people professionals, even at a time when traditional face-to-face meetings couldn't take place. They wanted to encourage discussion between peers at the senior levels of the people function that allowed them to engage in wider conversations with potential future partners. Due to the fast moving nature of the situation they needed to launch and complete this campaign quickly.

How we Created Success

After consultation with our content team, we created a virtual roundtable meeting and invited a targeted list of HR professionals from our readership to participate. Using highly personalised messaging and a simple, GDPR-compliant, registration mechanic we were able to generate significant interest in the discussion session. We liaised closely with Corndel to create a handpicked 15-person panel and a bespoke itinerary for the morning event. To ensure all registrants were kept informed and aware of the date/time and agenda, we carried out a personalised engagement programme. This was all delivered in less than 7 working days.

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